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Anglo-Saxons settlements and kingdoms, art and culture

Anglo-Saxons settlements and kingdoms, art and culture

Local study Victorians.


Ancient Greece Greek life and achievements and influence on the western world.








South America Brazil: trade, economy and Fair trade.

South America

Rainforests: physical features



Maths No Problem

Number to 1 million- Place value

Ordering, comparing and rounding number.

Addition and subtraction

Rapid recall of time tables facts

Multiplication and division


Prime numbers

Square and cube

Rapid recall of time tables facts


Tables and graphs


Rapid recall of time tables facts



Decimals and Percentages:

Rapid recall of time tables facts

Geometry: Angles

Geometry: Shapes

Geometry: Position and direction

Rapid recall of time tables facts

Measurement: converting units

Perimeter and area

Measures: volume

Rapid recall of time tables facts










Earth & Space

Properties & changes of materials


Animals (including humans)

Living things & their habitats







Basic skills - grammar, spellings & punctuation focus.


Narrative – Novel study – Clockwork by Philip Pullman


Non-Narrative - Newspapers (linked to Space Science topic).


Film Narrative

The Piano.


Narrative – Myths and Legends - Beowulf (linked to Anglo Saxon topic)


Performance Poetry – Exploring figurative language and poetic devices.

Classic Narrative - Novel Study

Street Child (linked to Victorians topic).


Classic Poetry - The Highwayman (linked to Victorians).

Narrative – Myths and Legends (linked to Ancient Greek’s topic)


Non-Narrative - Report texts (linked to Greek topic)





Classic Narrative - Novel Study – Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.


Modern Poetry – Let The Stars In collection.

Non-Narrative -Presentations including discussion texts linked to rainforests topic).


Recount texts



Word classes

Revise sentence structure and clauses.


Paragraphs and cohesion using a range of adverbials and tense.

Spelling patterns.

Sentence structure including different uses of co-ordination and subordination.


Hyphens to avoid ambiguity.



Spelling patterns.

Consolidate sentence structure and clauses.


Extended noun phrases.


Past perfect tenses.


Spelling patterns.

Sentence structure and clauses including relative clauses


Text type conventions


Parenthesis (using brackets, commas and dashes)

Spelling patterns.

Review, improve and extend writing to reflect different genres and achieve greater impact.





Spelling patterns.

Modal verbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility.







Spelling patterns.


Online Safety


Developing a game

We are artists

Develop a radio station using audacity

We are gamers

We are bloggers

MFL – Spanish


Buildings on the high street (un mercado, una tienda, un supermercado, una oficina de correos, un banco, un café, una plaza, una tienda de ropa, una catedral).


Directions (a la izquierda, a la derecha, en el centro)



Asking where places are.


Revision of days of the week.


Times of day (por la mañana, por la tarde, por la noche, a las diez, a las cuatro y media)


Simple future tense – voy a…

Revision of sports and hobbies.



Revision of numbers 0-20 then introduce treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta.

Numbers 20-50

Comparisions – …más que… (…more… than….)


Revision of fruit from Y3 (might need introducing)


New food (el pan, el arroz, la pasta, las patatas, el pescado, el agua, el pastel, las galletas, las zanahorias, los guisantes, la ensalada)


Breakfast – make comparisons with the UK.


Ingredients for a Spanish dessert (la leche, el azucar, los huevos, el agua)

Revision of months of the year.


Weather and seasons.


Saying where you live.



Anglo Saxon clay

Anglo Saxon weaving


Van Gogh

Ancient Greece


South America

Henry Roussos

South America




Agility and


Invasion games

Gymnastics -strength and flexibility

Leadership and communication

Striking and fielding









Baking bread


Making picture frames