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Sports Premium Funding

PE and Sport Funding

The government provides additional funding to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.  Each school currently receives £16,000, plus £10 per pupil on roll. This funding, provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport is ring fenced and can only be spent on provision for PE and sport.


At Carr Manor Primary School we have identified several areas which we aim to improve and enhance through the use of the Sports Premium funding, in order to raise participation and achievement for all pupils in PE, sport and physical activity.


Our identified priorities are :

  • Improve staff skills and confidence through training and specialist coaching.
  • Consolidation of the scheme for PE.
  • Continue to increase pupil participation in extra-curricular sports clubs and lunchtime activities.
  • Continue to increase participation in intra and inter-school competitions, particularly the football and netball leagues.
  • Purchase specialist equipment that will improve pupil performance in lessons and at competition level.
  • Continue to extend the outdoor provision which can be accessed at lunch and play times with additional support from the Friends of Carr Manor and Parents.
  • Purchase playtime and lunchtime games. 
  • To further improve the quality of school meals and packed lunches to ensure that pupils have the energy to take a full part in outdoor activities and achieve in all aspects of the curriculum.


Sport and exercise are high profile areas at CMPS and every 2 years funds are raised for charitable causes. For example, in summer 2016 a whole school race for life took place to increase the profile of regular exercise and to provide additional funds for cancer research. This was a great success and over £4,500 was raised and donated to a very worthy cause.


What we do at Carr Manor Primary School:

Physical Education and exercise are highly valued at CMPS and a member of the Senior Leadership Team has specific responsibity for driving it forward in school.


In physical education children take part in a wide variety of activities. They learn that being active is fun and that it is important to lead an active lifestyle. At the beginning of their school life children learn and explore basic movement skills through the use of the outdoor area and a variety of resources that are available on a daily basis. Throughout the rest of school children have weekly lessons and clubs. In Years 5 and 6 PE is taught by practitioners with specific skills and in Year 4 swimming is taught to all children.


The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key focus across the curriculum with particular reference to diet, exercise and social and emotional well-being. At Carr Manor PS we are committed to ensuring that all our children are active, social and resilient individuals who understand how to keep themselves healthy and are confident to take full part in the opportunities available to them.


Children across school regularly take part in inter-house and City wide sports competitions / opportunities. In addition, our Carr Manor football team is heavily involved in the local league and our netball team takes part in friendly matches across the year. 


Learning Mentors and other appropriate staff make parents / carers aware of holiday sports activities and opportunities at sporting clubs in the local area. These are well attended by Carr Manor families. 

Year 6 children have the opportunity to attend a residential at a local outward bound centre every year.


In 2016 the school adopted a policy of running a mile 3 times a week. A running track was developed on the field and has been marked out on the hard areas for the winter months. In addition, recent developments have included the introduction of Basektball, Americal Football, Cheerleading Club and a trip to a local Trampolining Arena has taken place. Appropriate sports clothing for staff who coach sports clubs has been sponosed by parents / local businesses. Specialist equipment has also been purchased for children including shinpads and basektballs.


The impact of the Sports Premium is evaluated in a number of ways including:

  • Analysis of the increased numbers of children engaged in after school clubs and holiday activities. 
  • An increase in the variety of sports opportunities available in school.
  • Pupil voice regarding children’s understanding of the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise and fitness and their enjoyment of Physical Education in school.
  • Feedback from parents.
  • Implementation of skills gained by teaching staff on specific sporting courses. 

September 2016 to 2017 Sport Premium Funding (£10,000)






Investing in the Leeds PE and School Sport Offer
(Active Schools)

  • Professional development for staff which will impact on teaching and learning in PE
  • Curriculum resources
  • Extensive competition programme for Early Years Foundation, KS1 and KS2
  • Play on the pitch events
  • Non-competitive festivals for Foundation KS1 and KS2
  • Access to a range of SSP (School Sport Partnerships) programmes

Membership to YST (Youth Sports Trust) and Leeds School Sports Association

  • Excellent range in what we offer to the children across school as part of their PE curriculum
  • Improved teaching and learning

Wider opportunities for participation across all age ranges.






























Total £1000

A wide range of extra-curricular clubs led by external approved specialists

Pupils are experiencing a wider breadth of sports such as tennis and American football

Increased participation across all age ranges

American football Autumn £189

American football Spring £130

American football Summer £100

Skipping day £350

Yorkshire Cricket coach year (3 and 2) 10 weeks, 20 sessions £400


Total £1069

Extra-curricular clubs run by school staff and funded by school

Children have the opportunity to attend clubs which are fully funded

KS1 football, KS2 rugby, KS2 basketball, KS2 netball



Total £2,000


using a wide range of high quality equipment

Equipment is bought that caters for all ages and abilities providing greater access across the school.

Basketballs £200

Cheerleading pack £65

Shin-pads £30

Storage unit £75

Gym mats £250

Bleep test £13

Whistles for referees £3

Archery set £600

Tennis net £250

Tennis balls £65

Badminton £720

Total £2271


Staff able to wear high quality clothing.

PE kit for children taking part in out of school sporting activities

Ensuring that all staff look professional and wear appropriate clothing




Total £502

Transport and trips

Transporting children to sports events in the city

Children are able to access sports and visit venues that they would normally be unable to do so such as Cricket in the classroom at Headingley Stadium and Trampolineing.

Trampoline £200

Cricket in the classroom £200plus coach £250

Year 6 sports day £180

Recce Golf £52.50


Total £832.50


Developing outdoor activities

Encourage children to take part in a least 30 minutes of physical activity each day

Increasing the amount of physical activities available to children

Outdoor resources such as hoola hoops, parachutes, ankle skips, stilts, table tennis, cricket.






Total £9,306.20