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Some of the children expressed some concern about the incidents that took place in Paris and wanted to show that they were thinking of the children and families. Using nothing but Lego and our caring minds we made French flags, the Eiffel tower and our own adaptations of #PrayforParis.


Today we carried on with our alphabet game with the letter…’G!’ With two awesome guitars we were able to start a band in our garage. Whilst in the garden we observed the giraffe. :)


5th October


Carrying on with the alphabet, today's session focused on the letter 'C.' Check out the pictures below, we had: castles, cars crossbows and a cow, all made from Lego! 


Mr Davies and the Lego club.


28th September


This week was a bonus session where we became structural engineers for the day. The task was to build a bridge that would pass the Mr Davies strength test. The designs were intuitive however, sadly Lego isn’t the strongest material for bridge building  J

Monday 14th September

New Year, new children, new teacher but SAME NAME! Lego club started with a bang! Children had two tasks; the first to build something beginning with the letter ‘A’ (yes you can make an apple out of Lego). Secondly the children used their imagination for a bonus task to create anything they choose however, they could only use one block! Have a go at home and test your own imagination. Our top idea was ‘Captain Americas Shield.’


Ps any spare Lego to donate would be much appreciated. J

Mr Davies and the children at Lego club.