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Key Stage 2 results for 2017

Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2, 2017 (Year 6 – 11 year old pupils)

Attainment: expected standard

In 2016 the government changed the way that children were assessed and, as a result, the data from 2016 upwards bears no resemblance to what came before. You cannot compare the results from 2016 and 17 with previous years. The Department for Education stated that:

Children sitting key stage 2 tests in 2015/16 were the first to be taught and assessed under the new national curriculum. The expected standard has been raised and the accountability framework for schools has also changed. These changes mean that the expected standard this year (and future years) is higher and not comparable with the expected standard used in previous years’ statistics. It would therefore be incorrect and misleading to make direct comparisons showing changes over time.


Our Excellent 2016 / 17 KS2 Results:

66% of our pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths, combined (compared with 61% nationally.)

  • Reading: 70% met expected standards (national: 71%)
  • Writing: 85% met expected standards (national: 76%)
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 83% met expected standards (national: 77%)
  • Maths: 75% met expected standards (national: 75%)

Attainment: higher level

We continue to offer challenge to all children, including higher attaining pupils. Scaled scores of over 110 are considered ‘high scores’.

5% of our pupils achieved a high level of attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths, combined (national 5%) 

  • Reading: 24% high scores (national: 19%)
  • Writing: 27% high scores  (national: 15%)
  • Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 41% high scores (national: 23%)
  • Mathematics: 24% high scores (national (17%)
  • We are very proud that the scores in reading, writing, mathematics and SPAG for our higher attaining children are above those nationally.

Scaled Scores

Scaled scores, where 100 is the expected national standard, also show that our pupils faired well (there are no scaled scores available for Writing).

  • 104 average scaled score in Reading (National 104)
  • 105 average scaled score in Maths (National 104)
  • 108 average scaled score in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (National 106)
  • Clearly our scaled scores in Mathematics and SPAG are above national and our reading is in line with national outcomes, which is very pleasing

Progress Scores

These scores illustrate the additional progress the children make between KS1 and 2. This is not always a totally reliable measure of the impact a school has made on learning as 14 of our Year 6 children arrived at CMPS from other schools / countries across KS2.

  • Reading  Plus 0.9 (floor targets: minus 5)
  • Writing  Plus 3.2 (floor targets: minus 7)
  • Mathematics  Plus 2.1 (floor targets: minus 5) 
  • Our results are clearly significantly above national outcomes in terms of progress

We are a fully inclusive school welcoming children with significant special needs from a wide number of ethnic groups and with many and varied languages. We are extremely proud of the achievement of all our children and believe that they are well prepared for the next phase of their education.