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Headteacher's Newsletter

Headteacher’s Newsletter

Dear Parents,


I hope you had an excellent break and a happy Easter. The weather over the Bank Holiday was amazing and very unexpected! Let’s hope we’re heading for another lovely summer.


I do hope you have noticed the rather large hole in the grassed area as you enter the school playground which is the start of our “Story Box.” Over the holidays the groundworks commenced, and we will very soon be the proud owners of an amphitheatre with tyres for seats. As ever, Mrs Bhamra and the Lloyds volunteers are coming to our aid and have very kindly offered to place the tyres (sourced by Mrs Dodds) into position. Over the summer break the 2 large shipping containers will be craned into place and our new story box for reading and other activities will begin to take shape. This project has been in the planning stage for such a long time and it’s wonderful that it’s coming to fruition thanks to Pippa Hale, Kirsty Dodds, David Craig (our long-suffering architect) and Emma Bearman our creative advisor.


Term has set off at a pace and already our football team have played, very well, in a tournament involving other schools and Mr Hill has signed up for a cricket tournament for children in Year 5. The netball team also acquitted themselves very well in a local competition. A number of our fantastic musicians; Ellie U, Martha C, Marcus L, Belle W, Joseph M and Ruby F have attended rehearsals in preparation for the Town Hall Concert with children from other schools. This will be an amazing experience for them as it’s a wonderful venue in which to perform.


On Thursday we had a first at CMPS when we were visited by, what appeared to be, the last surviving Tyrannosaurus Rex! Don’t worry, your children were only slightly at risk when he attempted a small stampede and thought about eating a couple of Year Ones. Fortunately, he’d been with his handler from a baby and all was fully under control!


However, later in the day we did manage to catch him on our cameras gambolling about the grounds with a couple of other dinosaur friends possibly looking for a place to lay some eggs! Who knows?

Some lovely news. Dom Geldard (Year 6) has been raising money for the National Autistic Society, completely his own idea. So far, he has raised £15 selling hand-made Pokemon Lanyards and has received a letter of thanks and a certificate from the National Autistic Society. The letter states that Dom is “transforming lives, changing attitudes and providing vital support for Autistic people and their families.” We are so proud of Dom and he thoroughly deserves this recognition.


On Wednesday we hosted a Headteacher and her senior leadership team from a school in Carlisle who are focusing on school improvement. They had liked our website and were interested in what we are doing which makes us outstanding. It was lovely to show off our (your) amazing children and the very many aspects of CMPS of which we are proud. The Carlisle team plan to return very soon as they would like to see more, which is great feedback for us.


Having consulted with all interested parties, we are going to go ahead with the new school name which will be ratified at our next Governing Body meeting in a couple of weeks. The name we have settled on, which most people really like is “Manor Woods” Primary School. Clearly, we are keeping part of our original name but there is enough of a change for all services and parents to recognise that CMPS and CMCS are not one and the same. Once the name is ratified, I will ask the children to design a new logo and we will think about a new uniform colour. Don’t panic, as that will be phased in over time so the old uniform will be fine until your children have finished with it – which won’t be long looking at the pile of lost property!


On Friday evening our spring Family Disco took place and was as successful as ever. Mrs Robson and I were in our usual positions on (not at!) the bar with Mrs Appleby-Smith, observing the revelry. Huge thanks go to Pippa, Kirsty and the Friends of Carr Manor and to Paul Halpin our long-suffering Superintendent, for a great evening.


I am very pleased to inform you that the children’s attendance last term was fantastic, and we achieved above our target of 96% (just under 98%) and 211 children achieved 100% attendance for the term, which is brilliant. We really do appreciate your support in this and have everything crossed that we will do even better this term!


Diary Dates:

Monday 6th May School is closed for the Bank Holiday

Tuesday 7th May School re-opens following the Bank Holiday

Monday 13th – Friday 17th May SATs week for children in Year 6

Monday 13th May Celebration assembly for children in KS2 (all friends and family welcome)


Finally, I just wanted to mention our amazing children who arrive early to litter pick and organise the school for the day every morning; Lee, Kai, Mei and Joshua; the many Year 6 children who sort all the messages during their lunch time and our litter picking chaps; Harvey and Aneesh who also take on other roles when required. There are also all our wonderful RP reps. I can honestly say that the vast majority or our children are respectful, supportive and helpful and we are extremely proud of them!


Have a great week.


Yours sincerely,