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Headteacher's Newsletter

Headteacher’s Newsletter

Dear Parents, 


Happy New Year! I know 1st January seems very distant now, but I do hope that 2019 will be a great year for us all. So far it is going well. The children have returned to school as enthusiastically as ever, full of interesting tales and having enjoyed the holidays. They are now longing for snow and although there is nothing better than viewing the world when it’s covered in a glistening white blanket, I really am hoping that it restricts itself to the weekends!  


I would like to thank the Year 6 parents who attended the consultation day this week for their children. I would also like to thank the Year 6 team who, despite having the onerous task of preparing the children for SATs, make their final year in school such fun. Feedback from parents is always extremely positive regarding Year 6 and the strategies the team use to ensure the children enjoy their learning and reduce any anxiety they may feel regarding the end of primary school statutory tests. We have no choice about whether we do SATs or not, but we do have a choice about keeping the pressure on our children to the minimum. You may have noticed that we are currently in the top 20 schools in Leeds and the top percentiles across the county for our KS2 results in 2018 and we are justly proud of this. However, every cohort is different, and we are proud of all our children, as we know how hard they work and how committed they are to giving of their best not only in terms of academic achievement, but through their involvement in clubs and other activities and their behaviour and social skills. I feel very strongly that schools should be fully inclusive and produce rounded individual who will contribute very positively to future society. Let’s face it, we’re going to need some great future leaders as the country is certainly in a bit of a pickle now politically!  


Well done to all our 100% attenders for the autumn term – all 176 of them! Also, a huge well done to 3Y who had by far the highest number of 100% attenders – 20 in all. Our attendance has been consistently above 96% for the last few years and I would like to thank parents for supporting our attendance policy and for your commitment to your children’s education.  


A number of our RP team members have recently presented to students at the Inclusion conference held at Leeds Beckett and they have also visited Cookridge PS to look at their lunchtime provision which is based on family service. The children are very interested in changing the way we organise our dinners and are looking into whether this would be possible for us. What great initiative your our children show!   


Over Christmas we’ve had our KS2 boys’ toilets completely refurbished and the feedback from the boys has been brilliant. These particularly toilets were on the list for the summer break but after strong persuasion from Euan Smith and some of the pupil voice RP reps I succumbed, and we agreed on an earlier date. Clearly that was a popular choice and I’m now being lobbied by the girls! As you can see pupil voice is very important to us here at CMPS, but I’m not made of money!  


You may have noticed our new little traffic wardens positioned outside school every morning and evening. They are my latest attempt to make Carr Manor a safer road to traverse and to remind our community that children’s safety is paramount. I have everything crossed that our latest strategy to reduce dangerous parking and driving outside school will have the desired effect!  


Diary dates:  

Monday 21st JanuaryCelebration assembly for children in KS1 at 2.45pm. (Family and friends all welcome)  

Monday 28th JanuaryCelebration assembly for children in KS2 at 2.45pm. (Family and friends all welcome)  


Have a lovely weekend.  


Yours sincerely,