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Headteacher’s Newsletter

 (issue 1)


Dear Parents,


My first letter of the year (my 7th year here in fact!) I’m not entirely sure where the last 6 years have gone, they really have sped past in a very enjoyable, if occasionally challenging manner at times. As you know nothing ever stands still in education and I have no doubt that this year will be no different and there will be many unexpected twists and turns to keep us entertained, sent from on high!


Welcome back to you all. I hope you had a lovely summer. You will be pleased to know that your children have settled beautifully in school and it feels like they have been in their new classes for weeks. All is calm and children are enjoying their learning. However, we do like to intersperse the calm with a bit of mad dressing up here at CMPS and the children looked amazing on Wednesday in their Roald Dhal costumes. We had Oompa Loompas, witches, BFGs, crocodiles and many more weird and wonderful creations. Thank you for your support for these events which the children thoroughly enjoy and which also raise funds for worthy causes.


Over the summer there have been changes to our school including; a refurbishment of the disabled and outdoor toilets in Early Years, redecoration of the conference room, new cupboards and sinks in Year 1, redecoration of the KS2 corridor areas and, the piece de resistance, carpeting throughout the KS2 corridors and stairs up to Year 2. I suspect you are thinking carpets are not a good idea, but they look fantastic, are easy to clean and hard wearing. There is just the small problem of children walking on them, which I’ll have to come to terms with! School looks lovely and I would like to thank my colleagues who came in (as they always do) in the holidays to prepare their classrooms for the new term.


We had a wonderful array of day care open this summer including Mr Hill, Mr Kellett and Mr Davies’ very successful Sports Camp, our Out of School Club run by Vanessa, Jan and Rani and our Pre-School and Baby Nest run by Carmel. We are now in a position to offer day-care throughout the summer for children from 6 months to 11 years, which is fantastic. I’ll keep you updated as to what is on offer for the rest of the holidays in case you require care for your child.


We were very excited to welcome our new Reception children to school this week. They also appear to have settled extremely well and no wonder, as there are so many amazing activities and resources for them in the Foundation Unit. A big thank you to the staff for all their hard work during the summer and to Hilary for braving the first day despite a very badly broken ankle and crutches. There’s not much that stops Hilary from coming to work!


I’m sad to inform you that the lost property mountain is growing daily. Please come and have a look at what we have in case it belongs to you. Most of it is brand new and it’s such a shame that it has already strayed from home! It would also be very helpful in reuniting uniform with its owners if it is named. Thank you for your support in this.


Diary Dates:

Monday 18th September Celebration assembly for children in KS1 at 2.45pm (all family and friends welcome)

Thursday 21st September Reading and phonics meeting for parents of children in KS1 at 2.30pm

Monday 25th September Celebration assembly for children in KS2 at 2.45pm (all family and friends welcome)

Friday 29th September Coffee afternoon in the KS1 hall run by the Friends of Carr Manor (all welcome) starting at 2.30pm


Have a lovely weekend.


Yours sincerely,


Deborah Kenny (Headteacher)