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Headteachers Newsletter

Headteacher’s Newsletter

Dear Parents,


I would like to begin my letter with huge congratulations to Year 6 who have successfully completed the dreaded SATs and, not only did they take the tests in good part, they appeared to enjoy the week. Maybe that was due to the shared breakfasts, team spirit and general bonhomie. I never fail to be impressed by our children and their resilience. What a pity that resilience, determination, commitment, reflectiveness, flexibility, creativity (I could continue) are not considered important enough to be tested as those are the qualities which definitely make a successful learner and a good citizen. What a pity Headteachers don’t get to be ministers for education!


Year 2 have also been doing their “Special Activities To Shine” (Sarah Cromwell, June 2018) and have acquitted themselves beautifully. You may know that SATs in Year 2 will come to an end in the next few years, tests in Reception will be introduced and times tables tests in Year 4. So, it’s out with one set of tests which tell us very little and in with another! I’ll keep you updated on the proposed changes.


As you know Restorative Practice is very important to us here at CMPS and you may be surprised to learn that our reputation in this area is spreading across the globe! Recently we were contacted by Mary Montague a Mediation and Conflict Resolution leader in Northern Ireland and James Longo, the Head of Education at Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. They were very interested in our work and came to visit a couple of weeks ago. They met with Miss Lamb and I and listened to presentations by some of our RP Reps who impressed they hugely. Mary and Jim then met with Leeds LA who have also been in contact and we’re having a visit from council members with responsibility for RP across the city, in July. This is all very exciting – fame at last! Joking apart it is fantastic that the impact of RP is being recognised and that we are clearly a leading light in this area. Huge thanks to Miss Lamb for all the work she does around RP and the children for their commitment to making it a success across school.


More good news, our sports teams and athletes are finishing the season in style. Last week Sam H, Finn, Sam G, Archie, Calum, April, Lauren and Belle took part in the Brownlee Triathlon. Mr Hill was really impressed by their skill and determination and couldn’t wait to let me know how amazing they were. Yet another new sporting opportunity for our children thanks to Mr Hill. Our football team have also been successful in their latest matches drawing, in a nail biting match, with St. Urbans and winning against Alwoodley, 3:0. However, the most triumphant was the netball team, the members of which burst into my room on mass to inform me that they had played Highfield and claimed victory with a score of 16:2. The goals were scored by Sophia, Esme and Jasleen and the brilliant defence were Isabella, Caitlyn, Lily and Mica. Well done to them all.


Congratulations to Year 3 who performed their Spanish assembly today which included flamenco dancing, singing, sharing information and stars of the small screen. The children did a great job of educating us in Spanish thanks to Miss Walker’s skills at script writing and the obvious progress the children have made in modern foreign languages. I have some catching up to do!


Over the last few months we have been putting all our letters onto our school website. So, if ever you miss a piece of information check out the website as it will be there. We have also included holiday request forms which can be completed at home. We are doing our very best to reduce the amount of paper we use and to save as many trees as we possibly can.


Finally we would like to wish all our muslim families Ramadan mubarak.


Diary Dates

Friday 25th May School closes for the holidays

Tuesday 5th June Children return to school

Monday 11th June Celebration assembly for children in KS2 at 2.45pm (all family and friends welcome)

Tuesday 12th June Instrument and choir concert at 1.30pm


It is hard to believe that it is the end of another half term. I do hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday.

Yours sincerely,