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Headteacher's Newsletter

Headteacher’s Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a lovely half term break. I do hope some of you managed to get away for a slightly cheaper week. We’ve had very positive feedback regarding the additional week and are therefore going to do the same next year. I will send you the dates next week.

Last week was extremely busy as we held our annual instrument and choir concert which was a great success. Well done to all the very talented children involved. It was also group photographs which is a logistical nightmare and huge thanks go to Mrs Robson for planning it and to Mrs Cromwell and Mrs Tasker who had the daunting job of making sure all the children were photographed with their classes and clubs. I am sorry I wasn’t out and about much at the start of the day, but I was in 3 different schools last week doing headteacher performance management with governors in Bedford, a Pupil Premium Review at Hugh Gaitskell PS and my governor role at GSaL. This week I am here, which is a huge relief!

On Friday the Friends of Carr Manor hosted the Carr Manor Bake Off, as you know and what a wonderful array of baked products we had. It was so difficult to choose a winner and we had to extend it to a winner and two runners up. The winner was Roshan Urwin (2M) with his planets in space cake and the runners up were Noah Burdon (1C) with his buns with tiny iced books on the top and Finlay Ashton (2M) with an amazing banana cake. Well done to all 3 and all the other children who took part, it was a lovely afternoon, particularly as we had the pleasure of eating the cakes and chatting with parents. Thank you to Pippa and the Friends for organising the event and raising more funds for our Story Box and to parents for supporting their children to make cakes and for coming along during the afternoon. The children will be presented with their prizes this week by CMPS’s Mary Berry, which is me! Actually, Mary would have a fit at the very thought as I’ve never managed to make an edible cake in my life. I like eating them though!

This week our Year 6 children are on their residential to Lineham Farm potentially in the rain! This time last year the temperature was soaring, and it definitely isn’t this year! However, the children will have a wonderful time whatever the weather as the activities are fab and so are the staff who accompany them.
Sadly, we’ve had to postpone our new Reception parents BBQ this Thursday until next week to avoid the rain. I do apologise to parents who’ve had this date in their diary all year, but we’re hoping we might at least spot the sun next week.

On Saturday morning Hilary and the Early Years Team are running our first weekend training session for practitioners from other schools. We are hoping it will be a great success and possibly the start of a number of opportunities to share our approach to effective Early Years practice with colleagues across the city.


Our new name, Manor Wood PS is soon to be launched and we are now only waiting for it to be minuted in the Governing Body meeting in July and we’re good to go! Thank you to all the children and parents who sent in their ideas regarding a new logo. There were some fantastic ideas. I am meeting with Matt Ferres (Eva’s daddy) today to see how we can use some of their ideas to create a new logo. I will keep you updated as to our progress with this.

Diary Dates:
Monday 24th June - Celebration assembly for children in KS1 at 2.45pm (friends and family welcome)
Monday 1st July - Celebration assembly for children in KS2 at 2.45pm (friends and family welcome)
Friday 5th July - The Summer Fair in the afternoon

Have a lovely week.


 Yours sincerely,


Mrs Deborah Kenny