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Headteacher's Newsletter

Headteacher’s Newsletter

Dear Parents, 


It seems such a long time since I sent a newsletter and I have much good news to tell. To add to our very pleasing OFSTED Inspection we’ve also received 2 awards. CMPS has been designated a National Support School by the DfE. This recognises the work we do to support other schools and we are extremely pleased. I am now a National Leader of Education and 5 members of our staff are Specialist Leaders of Education. In fact, Miss Ranshaw, is delivering training to schools across the LA for Noctua and is doing an extremely good job of it. We are clearly very big and important!! If only, in reality we are exactly the same as we have been for the last few years but are now the proud recipients of a title! 


We have also been awarded a Music Award by the LA (one of only six primary schools) which recognises our ongoing commitment to music education. The huge banner presented by the LA and received on our behalf by Joginder Dass (thank you!) will appear on the railings once they have been painted. 


Our reputation regarding Restorative Practice is also growing and we have recently had a visit from two LA representatives from Children’s Services. They were completely mesmerised by the children’s presentation and would like to roll our RP across other schools in the city. Miss Lamb is involved in that work and the LA have asked us to be part of a training film they are making, which is exciting. Some children have already been filmed in school and more filming will take place in the autumn. Fame at last! I’m planning the look I want to go for and practising my lines!  


So, clearly many things are going well and including our sports teams who have had a great term. Sadly, we have said goodbye to Jan Thomson, who has volunteered her time to teach after school netball for the last 6 years. She has been an absolute gem, not only building our team but also involving it in competitions both in school and in the locality. She will be hugely missed, and we are really grateful that Jan has been with us until her last daughter has flown our CMPS nest.


Whilst I’m on the subject of flying the nest it is that time of year when we have to say goodbye to all our amazing Year 6s. It’s always sad to see them go and even more so this year as they were in Reception when I arrived here. It’s been a real privilege to see how they have grown and developed over the years and I know they will be an asset to the high schools they are joining. They have worked their socks off and we are extremely proud of the results they have achieved, the way they have conducted themselves over the years and we wish them all the luck in the world. 


We also have to say a sad farewell to Miss Walker who is taking up a new post in Lincolnshire. She has been a great member of the CMPS team and we will miss her. We wish her lots of good luck and hope that she will keep in touch. However, we have appointed 3 new teachers to our school who have all trained or worked here previously. Mr Davies is joining Year 4, Miss Marr is joining Year 2 and Lucy Gill is joining the Foundation Unit. I would welcome them to CMPS, but they have all been here at least the last year and know us well. 


Thank you to family and friends for joining us at the Summer Fair last week, which was very busy and enjoyable. As ever, the Friends of Carr Manor willingly gave of their time to make the event a great success and I would like to say a big thank you to Pippa, Kirsty, Ian, Sam and all the parents who came along to help. I will let you know the amount we raised when I have the final total. As you know all the money is going towards our Story Box, which is going to be a very exciting new addition to our school. Funds from the recent sponsored Mega Run and Skipathon are also being donated to this worthy Carr Manor cause and so far, more than £850 has come into school. Thank you so much for your support. 


Over the last few weeks we have been treated to presentations from our Early Years children at a variety of venues, we’ve enjoyed a number of wonderful assemblies, we’ve been entertained by our Year 6 leavers and we still have the exciting Talent Show to look forward to. Can life get any better at CMPS? Well, yes it can for the Year 6s who will be attending their prom on Monday night thanks to their fundraising efforts and Mrs Matharu doing her intrepid wheeler dealing to secure all that we require to turn our KS1 hall into the best night club in town! I’ll be dusting off my party wear this weekend in readiness for the event of the year. 


Congratulations to Mrs Hayes and Miss Walker for organising the fantastic Carr Manor Carnival and ordering the best weather we could possibly have hoped for. The children looked amazing as they processed around the streets and took part in their team dances. It was a great afternoon. There have been many trips in the last few weeks and as ever our children have been impeccable. Last week all the children from the Baby Nest and Pre-school visited Filey, swiftly followed by the Foundation Unit. Both visits were a great success and I would like to thank the staff for organising such wonderful days at the seaside. 


You may have noticed, that we now have a stream running through the Foundation Unit outside area. (This could only happen at CMPS!) If you haven’t go and have a look as it really is fantastic and has been completely hand built by Hilary and her team. It is hard to imagine what they will do next as I never thought this dream would ever become reality. Obviously, I should have known better and had more faith! 


Very Important Information


The Start of the school day

In September we are going to start school at 8.45am and not 8.55am. This is to allow us to fit in time for some same day intervention, which is proving to be a very effective learning strategy. Please ensure your children are in the playground by 8.40am so we can bring them in promptly and start lessons as near to 8.45 as possible. Thank you for your support in this. 


Water Bottles

The children in our Eco Team are very concerned about the effect that plastic is having on our world and the amount of waste and litter we have to deal with at CMPS. As a result, they have come up with a great idea to address this issue to sell good quality water bottles to children in KS2 which they can use throughout the day including lunch times. I know they are made of plastic, however they are very long lasting and will certainly reduce the waste we produce at CMPS. The cost of the bottles is £1.10 and we will be selling them from September using ParentPay. Please help us to do our bit to save the environment from further pollution and waste. Thank you.



Koulla Mina (governor and parent) has very kindly found a new source for uniforms which, if parents are interested, will be available from the Friends of Carr Manor and will be slightly cheaper than other competition. Some items are in show in school reception if you would like to take a look. 


Diary Dates: 

Monday 23rd July KS2 attendance assembly (all friends and family welcome) at 9am 

Sports Day for children in KS2 from 10am – 12pm weather dependent (all friends and family welcome)

Year 6 Prom from 6 – 8.30pm

Tuesday 24th July School closes for the summer

Tuesday 4th September Children from Years 1 – 6 return to school after the summer break


I would like to wish all my colleagues a wonderful holiday and to thank them for all their exceptional work and all the do every day to make CMPS the school it is. 


Finally, good luck to all our families who are moving away from Leeds, some to far flung places, we wish you all the best.  A very happy and safe summer to all. We look forward to seeing our children and families in September.