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Great Gardening Project

The Great Big Outdoor Project Thank You Letter!

Looking back over the projects we have launched, as this term draws to a close, many thanks for commitment, hard work and determination are needed:


Kerry Frood – Gardening Club hero

Karen Harley – all projects hero

Simon Watts – Willow hero

Alison Collins – Willow wonder


Epic Willow Weaving Weekend massive thanks go to:

 all the families who came to Rodley and braved the pouring rain to cut down the willow.

everyone who came to school and worked their socks off planting and weaving the willow.

Paul Done for using his vehicle to transport willow from Rodley to school

 Diana Lyons and family for keeping us all in hot drinks

and Mr Bell for opening school at the weekend.

Clearing overgrown areas of the school grounds many thanks go to:

Lloyds volunteers for clearing lots of undergrowth and discovering a bench!

Jim Barton and the young people of YOS for tackling the most brambly bits of our grounds


Bulb-Planting Extravaganza Day massive thanks go to:

Karen Harley for organisation, enthusiasm and lots of digging

all familes who donated bulbs for the project

all teachers and children who worked hard to plant our giant bulb spiral

and Mrs Harley’s Gardening Club for making Barry the scarecrow to try and stop the birds digging them all up again!


Astro Turf Play Cubes thanks go to:

Lee Cawood at Redhall Nurseries for donating pallets

Lisa Kenny at Channel 4 for donating the turf

Stuart Mackenzie at SAM Property Services for pallet transportation and loan of tools


The Bottle Greenhouse thanks go to:

The Brown family for donating the greenhouse frame

all families who have donated empty bottles

the school office staff for putting up with piles of bottles in their workplace!

Mark Creswell of Bluebird Gardening for helping me rescue and strengthen the greenhouse when it blew over

Lloyds Volunteers for helping to get us started building the bottle walls

And Gardening Club members for continuing the wall building

Please check out ‘Outdoor Projects’ in the ‘Children’ section of the school website, and also ‘Extra-curricular Activities’ to see photos.


And finally...

The children of Keystage 1 have worked with me every week to make their grounds more exciting and productive.

We have planted a surprise, sown peas and beans, built the turf cubes, woven willow shapes and made winter bird feeders.

The children have been keen to participate in all weathers and are always brimming with new ideas. Watch this space...

All of these projects could not have been attempted without the vision and positivity of Deborah Kenny and her team,

Chris Bell and his team who clean up after us every week,

Patience and good humour from the office staff,

and the enthusiasm of the teaching teams.