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Complaints Policy

Our approach to complaints at Carr Manor Primary School

All at Carr Manor are committed to a strong partnership between home and school and we welcome parents’ views, comments, questions and concerns. Please come in and talk to us if you are worried about anything at all and we will do whatever we can to address your concerns as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of all concerned. We welcome feedback on what parents feel we do well, or not so well, as a school. We will consider carefully all feedback, whether positive or negative, and will review our policies and practices accordingly.

Although complaints are rare at Carr Manor, schools are required to have complaints procedure in place. We base ours on Leeds City Council guidelines suggested policy and procedures, as set out in “Dealing with complaints about schools: a practical toolkit for Headteachers and Governors.”

We value good home/school relations and will, therefore, do everything we can to establish and maintain them. We will treat all concerns and complaints seriously and courteously and will advise parents and others of the school’s procedures for dealing with their concerns. In return, we ask parents and other complainants to behave respectfully towards all members of the school community. In particular, any disagreement with the school should not be expressed inappropriately or in front of children.

The majority of concerns from parents, carers and others are handled under the following general procedures. The procedure is divided into three stages:

  • The informal stage aims to resolve the concern through informal contact with the class teacher in the first instance. If this is not possible please request a meeting with a member of the senior leadership team. Clearly the Headteacher is always happy to meet with parents once the class teacher / senior leaders have been informed of the issues.
  • Stage one is the first formal stage at which written complaints are considered by the head teacher or the designated governor, who has special responsibility for dealing with complaints.
  • Stage two is the next stage once stage one has been worked through. It involves a complaints appeal panel of governors.

Arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with Special Education Needs (SEN)

All state-funded schools are required to have a procedure to deal with complaints and to publish details of their procedure. This does not include complaints relating to Education Health Plans (EHCs), which pupils and their families should take up with the local authority that issued the plan. The governing body at CMPS will ensure that anyone who wishes to make a complaint, including a complaint in relation to children and young people with SEN, whether they have EHC plans or not, is treated fairly, given the chance to state their case, provided with a written response (including the rationale for any decisions) and informed of their appeal rights. If the complainant remains concerned after following the local complaints procedure, he or she could ask the Department for Education’s School Complaints Unit to take up the matter. Further details on making complaints to the Department about schools are available from the GOV.UK website.


The Governor responsible for complaints is Kim Adams as she is the Chair of the Governing Body.