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Book Corner Competition

Feast your eyes on our amazing book corners. The children love them and they are a wonderful setting for enjoying a book.

Picture 1 6K's amazing WW2 Air Raid Shelter
Picture 2 1C's beautiful jungle
Picture 3 1E's winning Castle for book worms
Picture 4 2J's colourful enchanted forest
Picture 5 2L's wonderful home for the "Lonely Beast"
Picture 6 2T's magical "Platform 9 3/4"
Picture 7 3W's superb tepee
Picture 8 3Y's fantastic tepee
Picture 9 4G's exciting space station
Picture 10 4L's exciting reading yurt
Picture 11 5H's incredible Amazon
Picture 12 5W's spectacular space ship
Picture 13 6H's tent from "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"