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Hello, let me start by introducing myself, my name is Mrs. Cummins and I have been teaching Art to Key Stage two children for 11 years now.  I think I have the best job in school as ALL children can draw, paint and model with a little help from their imaginations!  

As the famous Pablo Picasso once said; 


'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.'


For this reason I decided to establish a 'Gifted and Talented Art Group', for Key Stage Two children, taking place every Thursday 3.15 - 4.30pm.  I select children who have shown a real interest and display numerous, relevant qualities in the subject. However, more importantly they need to display a passion for Art and the desire to learn more. Only a small number of children are invited, allowing each child to receive the highest attention possible and guidance in which to develop their natural artistic skills. However, the members of the group change each term to enable as many interested children as possible to take part.


Last term, the Art group got to express their feelings and release their inner creativity by making 'Melted Wax Crayon Art' onto Canvas.  They proved so popular by ALL that everyone asked how to do them.  Therefore, when I asked this terms selected Art Group what they would like to do giving them many varied options, they all chose to have a go at creating the Wax Canvasses also!!  The children came up with very different ideas, had fun creating, (letting me take over the super gluing)! then got very hot and messy melting the crayons, using a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, otherwise known as a......Hairdryer!


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